21 Day Transformation 

Healthy Happy Fit 

Start your transformation any-day during March 

Would you like to feel healthier, happier & fitter?

At CGF we don't believe in fads or quick fixes however we want to give YOU the chance to Kickstart new habits to a healthier happier fitter lifestyle.


In just 3 weeks you will be amazed at how much you can improve not just your fitness but your healthy and your overall wellbeing.

Typical Results of taking part in HHF21
Weight loss from 2.5-10lb 
Body’s feel tighter and fitter 
New habits of 3-5 classes each week
Improved mood & confidence 
Better sleep quality and patterns 
Have really enjoyed exercising 

Why did HHF clients enjoy taking part?
The members, they are so friendly, they are so motivating, they talk to you and remember you each week they are genuinely pleased to see you and this holds you accountable 

The instructors, they look after you, don’t judge you and support you.

The variety of classes, if you love dance fitness it’s for you, if you don’t love dance fitness it’s also for you! CGF has so much choice it’s a fun way to get fit and you won’t get bored!

Can you really transform in 21 days?
You can start to create habits
You can kickstart weight loss
You can improve your body shape
You can improve your fitness
You can make better food choices 
You can get focus your mindset 
You can think about your real Why!

Get in touch now we want to help you live a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it!

The 21 day transformation includes:
Unlimited classes
Online workout library 
Healthy happy fit journal & pen 
WhatsApp support group with mentor 
Graduation T-shirt 
Lots of support from the CGF team and friendly members 

The cost of the challenge is just £55.00 

To complete the sign up process please complete the application form and make payment with the link below

Once you have made the payment we will be in touch to help you plan your classes and arrange for you to collect your journal 📓 

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask 


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