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About CGF

Real Fitness for Real People

We are your local fitness solution that will make fitness fun! We offer fun, effective fitness classes delivered by a team of passionate instructors working solely for CGF. This means they get to know you, your ability and your goals. Our secret weapon at CGF is the Fitness Family. This is our thriving community of members and their families who exercise together, motivate and support each other and come together for events, and socials throughout the year.

CGF has been the turning point in local people's fitness journeys for over 5 years and you could be the next member of our Fitness Family.

Meet The Team

Get to know CGF's team of comitted fitness instructors: find out who they are, what classes they teach and why they love CGF.

CGF Studios

Take a look at our Macclesfield based CGF Studios. Decked out with everything you need to begin your fitness journey. 

Our studios provide a fun, welcoming environment for our CGF Family to take part in a huge range of classes in our ever progressing and adapting space. 

We have 2 floors containing our spin studio, free weights zone and studio space: check out our tour from owner and director Carla to see more.



I love CGF



I love CGF

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I love CGF

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