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Charity Car Treasure Hunt

After the success of our first charity Car Treasure Hunt we have decided to do it all again! All donations go to Alder-hey & British Heart Foundation

All you need is a car full of family or friends, follow the clues and enjoy a spring drive around the local countryside.

Heres what our previous treasure hunters thought of the afternoon 


We took part in the CGF car treasure hunt on 20th October. We’d never done one before so we were a bit nervous & unsure what to do. We need’t have worried! Bev did an amazing job of organising the clues & the route was very clear. Once my husband realised it wasn’t actually a straight race to the finish 🤪🤣 we had so much fun! Even our teenage son enjoyed himself looking for the clues & the friendly banter with the other cars  . We finished at a pub & had a great laugh with the other treasure hunters. We will definitely be taking part in the next one! And we’re looking to win this time 🥇🥇


I took part in the car treasure hunt organised by Bev. It was a brilliant way to spend a couple of hours. We had a car full of people which made trying to decipher the clues a lively affair. On the run up to the day I had convinced myself that it would be a simple thing and just a little drive out. How wrong I was, it challenged us both our powers of observation and mental powers. Some clues we got and thought we had nailed it, but then there was one to throw a spanner in the works. 
When we finished we all met up in the pub to mark our papers and the banter between the other teams really began. Groans as the clues we didn’t get were explained (we should have figured them out) and whoops of joy as we were getting them right. 
All in all a great few hours and definitely one I would do again. 
Thanks to all involved.

To book on please email our treasure hunt organiser Bev Jones or enquire with us

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