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CGF Seminar

Benefits of exercise 

Free Seminar with CGF
Wednesday 22nd January 8:30pm
@ CGF Studios SK11 7BQ

CGF Welcomes you to our FREE Seminar - 'Benefits of exercise'

How CGF can help you feel healthy happy fit with owner Carla Gilder 

We would like to welcome anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle by getting fitter.

If you are curios about starting exercise, maybe you've lost your mojo or your just looking to remind yourself why exercise should be part of a lifestyle not a quick fix then please join us, we will have great deals on the night plus you will be entered into a draw with the opportunity to win 3 months membership. 

At CGF we like to keep it real and we understand that a healthy happy and fit lifestyle must also include good nutrition and positive mindset, that's why we will be joined by guests Fiona Drake - Mindset coach and Bex Ward from Balanced Nutrition.

RSVP - Limited tickets - Free Drink on arrival 

Carla Gilder 
Owner Carla Gilder Fitness 
Guest Speakers
Fiona Drake 
Law of attraction expert & Mindset Coach 

Carla Gilder

Owner at CGF and passionate about helping real people get fit and stay fit. 

Seminars can be stuffy just like fitness can be a chore, not at CGF our classes are fun and our seminar will be a friendly, welcoming and in comfortable surroundings.

I will be discussing the benefits of exercise, how you can feel healthier happy and fitter by finding fitness you enjoy and stick.

At CGF we believe you can 'Work Hard, Play Hard and we also empower our members to 'Think it, believe it, achieve it' Thats why we are joined by 2 amazing guest speakers who also keep it real so you can too!

fiona drake image.jpg

Fiona Drake 

Law of attraction expert and motivational speaker Fiona is almost 46, she took a leap of faith, transformed her life, career health and happiness by switching up her mindset for rock solid belief. She tells her story here and gives you the low down on how she shed 3 stone, got fit and feels fabulous. 

Fiona has amazing energy and her positive mindset lifts any occasion, don't miss this opportunity to meet her and find out more about her up and coming Workshop at the end of February 

Bex Ward 
Balanced Nutrition  
Balanced Nutrition Inage.png

Bex Ward

Bex has always been an athlete and after many years finding the best ways to fuel her body for her own sporting performance she decided to study nutrition.


As her studying nears the end she is now ready to start sharing her knowledge with the general public, she is keen to help real people understand the basics and how to apply them to real life so they can eat well, live well and do this through balanced nutrition.

We are hoping Bex will be back flowing the seminar with a Balanced Nutrition workshop, Watch this space 


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