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Are you opting out of fitness? 🤔👍👎

If you visit your local gym during the day your likely to find a lot of retired men and women doing their daily exercise. These are people who could be sat at home, they could say they are old what’s the point, they’ve probably got health issues, injuries, limitation and may have limited finances but they are exercising most days because they know the benefits and they want to live as long as possible, don’t we all, This is your push to get moving if your not already 👍

You may say they have more time as there retired but we all have the same amount of time in each day and we only get the same amount of time in our one precious life so surely you don’t want to wait until your retired to be fit and healthy? 🤔

The reason I’m writing this post is I started my fitness business to help real people to get into fitness and I wanted them to actually enjoy it so that they would never want to give up 😀

I get that people move on due to change of location, jobs, or maybe they just want a change that’s fine but what’s not fine is people who just give up 😡

Yes maybe you’ve not been for a while, you’ve fallen off the wagon as you say or you’ve lost your mojo, doing nothing won’t help you get it back but exercise is worth a go surely? 🤦‍♀️💪💦🙂

I get that as the seasons change we look over finances and think what can I get rid of? 💸❌

One of the top things people cancel is gym memberships or drop their trainer, yes these are an expense but if you use them like you should you’ll get massive value ✔️

Whatever the cost of your membership it’s nothing in relation to what you get if you commit to using it even 2/3 x per week. If you exercise regularly you’ll definitely save compared to paying per session, You get to be fitter, you make friendships. If You attend classes you’ll probably enjoy it, you’ll get to meet new people, probably work harder than if you were on your own, and you are more likely to stick with it as you’ll make friends you want to see.

Whatever you do finding the right solution is the key and once you’ve found it it’s worth every penny 💰

If your reading this think back to why you last opted in to exercise and where did you stick with it the longest? Why did you stick with it? And think how good you felt when you did? 🤔

Remember the first sit up you achieved 💪

the way you felt sexy in a Zumba class 💃

how you met your best friends there 👩‍❤️‍👩

or the amazing instructor who that day filled you with energy or helped you through a tough day, week, year 😘

We are all guilty of getting out of the habit of exercising but if your thinking of opting out please rethink why you opted in In the first place and find a reason to get back on it 👍

No gym, fitness boutique or personal trainer no matter how good or expensive can do it for you but we’re all here to make the ride a bit smoother and more enjoyable,

so if your looking to get back on it or your ready to make exercise a critical part of your life in then don’t wait to start straight away! 📅

Remember Fitness like life is a journey, not a destination, and can be something to be enjoyed every day, chose the right solution for you and make exercising a daily task that’s a critical part of your life until the day you can’t! ⏰

Carla x


Thought provoking article

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