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Quitting is not an option, 2023 is your year!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Did you know today Friday 13th January is the biggest day for quitting New Years resolutions.

So why today, the second Friday of the year?

Could it be a feeling of lack? Lack of energy, money, sunshine, fun things to look forward to or something else?

Todays thought is could we could look at this from a different perspective? Rather than setting New Years resolutions and failing, how about setting intentions and understanding more about why you want to make changes in your life. How will making changes effect you short term and what are the long term benefits to you.

When we make a bold change initially we are motivated and focused, then after a couple of weeks we can often experience pain, discomfort and a feeling of being uncomfortable, this is normal and the more we expect this we can gain the strength to push through until we find a new routine and that the new habits become the norm.

Since becoming a yoga teacher I have learn't to be less attached to the outcome, focusing more on enjoying the process and take each moment as it comes, whether you are practicing yoga, walking, exercising, eating healthy foods being present and mindful in the moment, and realising how incredibly lucky you are to have the choices and options to do a all of these things would be something I would encourage you to focus on.

If you fall off track do not worry, you are human and you can always get back on track, if you have lost your way even a little bit, do not be disheartened, its not the end of the world and as longs you are striving for improvement you are taking a step forwards.

My top tips to sticking to your goals and achieving the success you deserve in 2023:

  • Set time aside to really delve into the goals you are setting, what are these changes going to do for you and how will these benefit you short term and long term?

  • Set simple, clear and achievable goals and review often, make changes if necessary

  • Who are your cheerleaders, who is supporting you with your goals?

  • What resources do you have, are you utilising all of these?

  • Set a time aside for regular check ins, are you on track and how will you make yourself accountable, do you need someone to be accountable to or can you use an app or other resources.

  • Celebrate your wins no matter how small, having small, medium and long milestones are a great way to breakdown your goals to feel more achievable.

So in 2023 get comfortable with being uncomfortable and results will come, Remember Health is wealth, happens comes from within and investing in yourself is the biggest investment you will ever make.

Good luck and keep going, I believe in you x

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13 ene 2023

Love this Carla. Brilliant post 👏🏻

Me gusta
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