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Lucy's Journey - 1 Year On

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

One year on and I can officially say I have lost 6 stone. That’s 84lbs, 38kg or 152 packs of butter - a funny way to visualise it but it makes me appreciate how crazy that amount of weight is when I say it like that. When you are watching the pounds drop off one at a time it can feel like you are so far away from your target but now seeing that figure it makes it very real and all worth it.

I started at CGF exactly a year ago now and my life has completely changed - for the good. Last January I was very unfit, unhealthy and my weight was spiralling out of control. I had tried many times to diet and exercise but nothing worked for me. I gave up too quickly with lack of drive and determination. I found standard gyms very intimidating, I didn’t know what to do with the equipment and with nobody pushing me to do it meant when it got hard, I would just stop.

I was increasingly becoming more self conscious and only wore leggings, because jeans didn’t fit me, and big baggy tops were my go to. But I dreamt of being able to wear amazing outfits, outfits other 21 year olds were wearing but I couldn’t fit into.

I attended CGF around 6 years ago and remembered the joy it gave me. When I saw CGF’s 24 classes in 24 hours I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go once more. I found a spot at the back and hid away hoping nobody could see me. People did notice me, not looking at me because I was new or because I looked out of place. But because they wanted to welcome me and make sure I was ok! I did the class and I was hooked. It was just how I remembered, great music, supportive instructors and fun routines. It didn’t feel a chore, it felt like I was having fun with the best group of people. I stayed for the class after too as I was on such a high.

After that I did the 21 day Healthy, Happy, Fit transformation. This offered a wide range of classes to a group of new starters. It was great, you felt like you were all in it together. Everyone is so supportive and sharing their own personal wins and struggles. I knew once the challenge was over I wanted to be a member.

From then on I really started to put the work in. CGF had given me the motivation and support to feel I could undertake the monumental weight loss task I knew I had ahead of me. I would challenge myself to see how many classes I could do a week, see how many steps I could do on my FitBit and how far I could push myself. Change started to happen, old habits died out and new ones stayed. I loved the ache of my muscles - it felt a weird reward for the hard work.

Towards the end of the year I wanted to do some focus training 1 on 1 with Kim who is a fabulous instructor and PT at CGF. She is otherwise known as the smiling assassin! She really has put me through my paces tailoring workouts just for me on specific areas I wanted to tackle. I really felt this took my weight loss and fitness to the next level.

To finish off 2020 I had the honour of receiving 2 awards from CGF. One for Biggest Transformation and one for Members' Member - kindly voted for by all the amazing CGF members. I would have NEVER imagined this time last year I would be the recipient of those awards, it’s truly amazing what some time and dedication can do.

CGF is more than exercise classes. It’s a supportive community full of genuinely good people that cheers you on through your highs and supports you through your lows.

My weight loss journey is not yet finished but I know I will reach it with the support of CGF behind me.

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1 Comment

Jan 07, 2021

Wow this is amazing! what an inspiration you are Lucy! You look absolutely fantastic well done 👏💪

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