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Kim's Blog - Being a HHF21 Mentor

Hi! My name's Kim and I’m one of the Instructors at Carla Gilder Fitness and a mentor for the Healthy Happy Fit program.

I’ve been an instructor at CGF for over 8 years now. I started off as a member... I’d tried lots of different exercise styles and had been on every diet going but had never stuck with anything until I found Carla Gilder Fitness. I loved it so much that 2 years later I was qualified and teaching. Over the 8 years I’ve helped lots of women with their fitness goals by making fitness fun, I truly believe that this is the key to a consistent healthy, happy lifestyle.

The HHF program was born in 2019, it was something the CGF Team had thought about doing for a while but it was finally ready to be tested out on our first group in September 2019 and it was a huge success!!!

The change I saw in all of the ladies over the 21 days was amazing, not just from weight loss but the confidence they gained was huge!!! Some being absolutely terrified of attending a class and being on the verge of tears, with a total lack of confidence, hiding at the back of the room... to happy, smiley, massively confident front row divas that were up for anything! It was so great to see.

I’ve had the honour over the past year and a bit to mentor over 50 women and watch their progress with the HHF program... but what I've loved the most is how even though everyone signs up initially for lots of different reasons, by the end of the transformation they have all found some form of fitness they love and enjoy and this leads them to continue with their fitness journey becoming Full members. They love exercising so much with us it very quickly becomes a part of their weekly routine and lifestyle and the transformation in them continues.

Are you ready to start your Healthy Happy Fit Journey with us??? 💗😃💪

Kim xx

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