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Healthy, Happy, Fit: Blog 1

Hi everyone and welcome to your first Healthy, Happy, Fit Blog Post.

Here I will be providing you with additional support and motivation to push you closer towards your HHF goals. Each week we will be focusing on improving your lifestyle in the 3 different areas: Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness.

We will be introducing you to a new recipe, mindfulness exercise and workout each week to supplement your routine and offer a chance to interact and support each other as a group!



Coming to the end of the week means the WEEKEND and a great opportunity to try our new recipe. Perfect for the colder Autumn weather and to make sure that this weekend you stay on track and consolidate the hard work that you have done this week.

This week we have chosen Chicken and Mango Stir Fry from our new CGF Autumn Recipe book. Below are all the ingredients you will need and an easy to follow method.

Post a picture in the WhatsApp Group and CGF Lifestyle Facebook Page once you have created your masterpiece and share your thoughts with our other #HHF21 Members and CGF Lifestyle Members.



As you complete your first week of the Healthy, Happy, Fit 21 Day Fitness Transformation, it is the perfect time to take stock of what you have achieved over the week, how it has made you feel and what you are looking forward to next week.

The range of classes at CGF means that you can gain a range of mindfulness and wellbeing benefits. This week we want to take a deeper look into the idea of "staying in the moment". Exercise is a great way to forget the world around you and indulge in 45 minutes of fun, however it is also a great way to bring attention back to the way your body and mind is feeling as you work out. This week why not plan your classes to create a balance of letting go and focus.

A Zumba class for example is fabulous for getting lost in the music and feeling alive through dance. A fitness pilates class however is a perfect example of taking time to reconnect with your body, build a stronger connection to the muscles you are working and achieving better results and greater satisfaction following your workout.

On your Healthy, Happy, Fit journey something we hope you will love is being able to notice your strength and ability improving: taking time to focus on this in a slower paced, strengthening and toning class is the perfect opportunity!

Our gorgeous studio set up for Fitness Pilates Class



The area of fitness we are focusing on this week is ABS. This will help you in your classes by stabilising your core and helping you complete workouts with the proper form.

Take a look at the following 3 exercises, repeat each one for a minute and repeat the whole thing 5 times for a quick 15 minute Abs Blast!

First of all, a seated twist. Sit with your knees bent in front of you, lean back slightly, and with either a weight, something heavy you can find in the house or nothing at all, twist from side to side like in these pictures keeping your core engaged.

Next is a pullover, again this can be done with or without weight. Lie back on the floor with your legs bent, and your arms on the floor behind your head. Then follow the pictures above with either your legs still on the floor, bent at 90 degrees or straight in the air. Keep your head and neck relaxed and your chin away from your chest as you crunch.

Finally, a simple plank. Copy the position as shown above, keep your body in line with your shoulders over your hands and you back flat. Engage your core and hold the position.


Enjoy, and see you all next week!

One step closer to Healthy, Happy and Fit!

Carla x

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1 Comment

Dion Sully
Dion Sully
Jan 30, 2020

I love the blog. Looking forward to more recipes!

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