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Healthy, Happy, Fit Blog 2

Hi again everyone!

Congratulations on making it through your second week of your 21 day transformation. Again this week I will be providing you with some more tips to push you closer to your goals in the areas of Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness.

We can't wait to see you try our new recipe, put our mindfulness tips into practise and see your strength and fitness improve with our workout.

Don't forget to share your progress with your HHF group, we're loving seeing you interacting and supporting each other!



Here we are again at the end of the week and so have a new recipe for you to try. This would be great as a lunch or a light evening meal, and would be perfect to meal prep to make sure you stay on track with your nutrition: as well as being delicious!

This week we have chosen a roasted vegetable salad with feta. You could swap out the roast veg that we have chosen for things you might prefer like butternut squash instead of pumpkin.

Below are all the ingredients you will need and an easy to follow method.

Post a picture in the WhatsApp Group and CGF Lifestyle Facebook Page once you have created your masterpiece and share your thoughts with our other #HHF21 Members and CGF Lifestyle Members.



As you come to the end of the middle week of your 21 day transformation we want to take the time to think back and focus on "PURPOSE". Take some time for yourself to sit with your journal and think through how you are feeling, what your goals for the programme are and where your achievements lie.

People join CGF for so many different reasons, some members are fitness novices and some have been exercising daily for years! It is important to take inspiration from others rather than make comparisons, and so this week we would like you to think about your purpose on this fitness journey.

With each class you book think about the purpose behind it, rather than a long term goal that you have set for the whole programme, find something to work for in those 45 minutes! These can be ideas per class or over the whole week.

For example

- I want to work on my stamina and push myself further, so I will try to take the high intensity option given for moves in class.

- I want to increase my water intake so I will try to make sure I drink one full bottle during class and one full bottle afterwards.

- I want to work on my strength so I will book onto 3 strength based classes this week and attend them all.

Having a purpose for your workouts with give you something to focus on, something to work for and therefore, something you can feel good about afterwards! Throughout your Happy, Healthy, Fit journey we want you to feel accomplished and understand the progress you are making through small, effective changes and shifts.

Achieve your goals and find your purpose!



The area of fitness we will be focusing on this week is SHOULDERS. Toning your upper body will help to sculpt that hourglass image. Taking extra time to work on your shoulders will mean you can improve your form in class and maybe even up the weights you have been using!

Take a look at the following 3 exercises, repeat each one for a minute and repeat the whole thing 5 times for a quick 15 minute Shoulder Blast!

First of all, a shoulder press. Grab some dumbbells or two water bottles full of rice or tins of beans or anything heavy you can think of in the house! Hold the weights at a 90 degree angle and then press them above your head as shown in the images above.

Next is an open grip arm raise. Again using anything heavy you can find, start with your hands by your side, with your palms facing inwards. Lift your arms to shoulder hight maintaining an open grip as shown in the images above. Return them back to the start position and repeat.

Finally, a shoulder tap. Position yourself into a high plank, then keeping your body and hips as still as possible tap one shoulder as shown in the images. Return to a high plank and then tap the other shoulder. Keep your core engaged as you move through the workout.


Enjoy, and see you all next week!

One final push to Healthy, Happy, Fit!

Carla x

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