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Meet Gayle...

I've been a full member of CGF since April 2018 although I have known Carla, Kim, Fran and Shelley for much longer, back when I used to attend lunchtime Club AZ classes. When I was working for AZ (and when my children were much younger and getting out in the evening was more difficult), my fitness regime was limited to a couple of lunchtime classes a week (eg. Spin, Fusion, Pump and the odd Zumba) but being made redundant has been the best thing for me in terms of fitness and exercise, especially now that I work permanently from home and have reduced to 4 days per week. Last summer I found that I could start going to more classes (and the different times of the day offered by CGF really helps me). A chance Facebook exchange with a fellow CGF member encouraged me to go along to Louise's inaugural running club session last August. I had run before my children were born but had never properly got back into it. Before I knew it I had signed up for the first Couch to 5K course and completed my first Parkrun at Astbury last November. I then progressed to the 5 to 10k group and have completed two 10k races and a 4 mile fun run this year, with plans to complete two more 10k races before the end of the year. What has really helped has been the additional lunchtime running sessions with fellow CGF members, especially on days when I cannot get to classes due to children's commitments and my husband's schedule. Since last summer I have also been a regular at Vikki's early morning sessions and my strength has improved significantly. Carla can't get over the difference between now and the person I was a couple of years' ago struggling with light weights! And finally, now that I work 4 days per week, during term time I try to get out and complete 4 to 5 mile hill walks on what I now call my 'Fitness/Fresh air Fridays'! 

I cannot thank Carla, the instructors and whole CGF family enough for all the encouragement over the past year. Coming to class is so important for my mental wellbeing and now provides the social interaction which I used to get in an office but is somewhat lacking now that I work from home. And when I can't get to class because my husband is away or I'm travelling, there is always On Demand or a run to keep thing going and ON IT! 

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