Sustainable & achievable lifestyle changes to a healthier, happier, fitter you!

The HEALTHY, HAPPY, FIT 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION is CGF's answer to introducing REAL, sustainable changes to your lifestyle - targeting nutrition, fitness and mindset - to create REAL results!

With our team of fitness and lifestyle experts, a bespoke HEALTHY, HAPPY, FIT Transformation Journal, and CGF's fun fitness classes - now is the time to bounce back and kickstart your fitness journey. 

Starting Monday 9th November

There have been 8 groups of HEALTHY, HAPPY, FIT success stories, losing up to 10lbs in 21 days! Make a commitment to you - sign up today! Our team are on hand to guide you through the process, step by step - let CGF help you.

 Healthy, Happy, Fit

21 Day Transformation


Have a read of one of our many Healthy, Happy, Fit Success Stories!

Here's Lucy to tell you about how she started her journey with CGF with HHF21 and never looked back!

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Healthy Happy Fit 21 Day Transformation

Healthy Happy Fit 21 Day Transformation


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